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Painting - Oil on Paper - Self Help Best Help

Painting - Oil on Paper - Self Help Best Help

Zach Mukwira (Click to read profile)
1300w x 1000h x 2d mm

A one-off painting by artist Zach Mukwira using oil on paper and hand-cut low relief detail,  a distinctive style that he has evolved from techniques learned in print-making. Zach's artworks are inspired by African legends and stories, his own creative fantasy, and the emotions common to all cultures and ages.

Zach says of his inspiration for Self Help Best Help, "This piece is about emancipating ourselves to be self-sufficient.  Doing gardening for food to feed your family, but you can sell surplus to make money to help yourself. Whether it’s sewing, agriculture, mechanics, whatever you know how to do best, do it. It will sustain you."