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Painting - Oil on Paper - Dream Walker

Painting - Oil on Paper - Dream Walker

Zach Mukwira (Click to read profile)
750w x 1000h x 2d mm

A one-off painting by artist Zach Mukwira using oil on paper and hand-cut low relief detail,  a distinctive style that he has evolved from techniques learned in print-making. Zach's artworks are inspired by African legends and stories, his own creative fantasy, and the emotions common to all cultures and ages.

Zach says of his inspiration for Dream Walker, "I was thinking of the life of a hunter in the olden days People used to dream before taking a hunting trip into the forest. They would dream about the spirits of the animals that they are going to hunt. In this painting the hunter is dreaming about a rhino, he’s lying on top of the rhino dreaming of going into the bush. The spirits guide the hunters - the meat is shared in the community and skins are used for clothing and containers, nothing is wasted."