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Lion - White - Bead and Rope Trophy Head

Lion - White - Bead and Rope Trophy Head

Bongani Lincoln Khumalo (Click to read profile)
650w x 670h x 400d mm

This extraordinary sculpture of a lion represents a move by Bongani Lincoln Khumalo towards limited edition versions of iconic African animals, each piece uniquely 'one of a kind'. Developed in 2020, this 3-dimensional extra-large masterpiece beaded wire lion trophy head includes a rope mane, a hugely successful experiment with mixed media.

While a version of the lion trophy head may occasionally be immediately available, it is generally made to order. As with all Bongani's work, each head is made entirely by hand and each is subtly different. This is all part of the unique alchemy of items made by hand,ensuring every creation is new and particular.