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Lion - Freestanding Sculpture - Large

Lion - Freestanding Sculpture - Large

Godfrey Dambuleni (Click to read profile)
1700w x 1200h x 600d mm

A colourful freestanding sculpture by Godfrey (Gora) Dambuleni, standing proudly 1.2m tall and measuring 1.7m nose to tail, this is a fabulous collector's piece. Godfrey uses his unique technique of re-purposed metal 'patchwork' over a wire frame. Each 'patch' of metal is painstakingly 'sewn' onto the frame and/or patches on either side to create a continuous, smooth surface. Facial details, such as eyes (and eyelashes!), nose and mouth are meticulously created to be as lifelike as possible and the mane is a riot of multiple metal strips - each cut by hand - framing the head in abundant layers worthy of the Lion King.

Each sculpture is made 100% by hand and no two will ever be the same, as Godfrey works with whatever recycled cans he is able to source. He has work in private collections around the world and regularly undertakes special commissions.