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Leopard - Freestanding - Full Size

Leopard - Freestanding - Full Size

Jeff Mwazha (Click to read profile)
1500w x 900h x 500d mm

This marvellous sculpture of a leopard in wire is one of Jeff Mwazha's signature pieces and is part of a series which have found their way around the world. The production process is detailed and time consuming. The first step is creating a framework - the outline of the body - from heavy duty wire and then, step two, slowly filling that in using bunches of thin of wire which are then tied to the framework so neatly as to be invisible. This is a very important step as it is at this stage that the detail of the body shape and muscles are created, a very slow process. Once the body has been 'fleshed' out, Jeff then creates lengths of handmade netting consisting of small circles of wire bound together which he attaches to the sculpture as a final layer similar to skin. More than 90% of the material used in one of these large leopards is recycled and each one takes 4-6 weeks to create.

The leopard is available in a variety of sizes, colours and positions (e.g. standing with head up, crouching, lying etc.). The finished piece is sealed so that it can stand outdoors as a garden sculpture without rusting. Leopards are often produced as special commissions and no two are ever exactly the same.