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Kudu - Recycled Tin - Trophy Head - Medium

Kudu - Recycled Tin - Trophy Head - Medium

Godfrey Dambuleni (Click to read profile)
450w x 700h x 400d mm

The kudu lends itself to wonderful expression in recycled materials. Its horns curl majestically above its head making it ideal as a signature sculpture installed by itself over a fireplace or - well lit - at the end of a hallway.

This medium size kudu by Godfrey Dambuleni is patchworked in recycled metal tins, which involves 'sewing' sections of metal together to make one continuous covering. It is also available using Gora's plastering technique where he wraps the wire frame of the head in thin hand-cut lengths of metal (usually cut from an aluminium can). Both versions also come in a larger size.