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Gemsbok - Trophy Head - Medium

Gemsbok - Trophy Head - Medium

Godfrey Dambuleni (Click to read profile)
450w x 700h x 400d mm

An elegant gemsbok head in recycled metal makes a wonderful decor statement piece over a fireplace or in a hallway. Godfrey has used his signature 'patchwork' technique to cover a wire frame in a colourful variety of recycled metal cans. The horns are plastered in thin strips of the plain silver metai from the inside of the can to provide contrast. Each head has a simple wire hook at the back for easy installation

The gemsbok also comes in a large size, or as a plastered version. No two pieces are the same as Godfrey uses whatever recycled tins he can source, to produce a wonderfully varied collection of recycled metal sculptures.