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Cutlery - Bent Handle Jam/Honey Spoon - Green

Cutlery - Bent Handle Jam/Honey Spoon - Green

Tavengwa Dahwa (Click to read profile)
145w x 4h x 26d mm

A fun addition to your table setting with a uniquely Southern African twist! This stainless steel, lead-free jam or honey spoon adds colour to the table setting with decorative detail added by hand - wire curls, colourful beads and tightly wrapped telephone wire. the bent handle allows you to rest the spoon easily on the rim of the jar or bowl in between servings

Here the spoon is pictured in green, but can also be ordered in a variety of other colours incuding red, orange, blue, purple, turquoise and yellow. Beautifully executed and long lasting. Hand wash in warm water and dish-washing liquid