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Meet the Artists

By Sue Heathcock

We’re all about the people here at CraftArt.Africa.

Everything you see displayed on our online shop and gallery is an individual handmade piece dreamed up by an artist with a vision. We don’t hold stock ourselves (much as we’d love to live surrounded by all these beautiful things!) but connect directly with the artist for each order. Some pieces they have ready to ship immediately, others are made to order.

The aim of our online shop is to connect each artist with a wider audience, to help them expand their range, develop their brand and generate more sales, so they can continue to grow and evolve their art. You’ll see their names proudly attached to each product they have created – it is important to us to help raise their profile as individual artists in their own right. These are their products, their designs – CraftArt.Africa is the showcase.

CraftArt.Africa Online Shop craft artists

So what do we look for when choosing our artists?

Quality is top of the list – the excellence of craftmanship and execution are very important, as are technical skills and design quality.

Creativity and innovation – even when an artist is using a traditional skill and design, we look for those who bring that little bit extra to a piece that makes it stand out from the crowd. Perhaps a quirky use of colour, an extra spark of life in an animal sculpture or a new interpretation of familiar subject material.

Variety – we aim to include a diverse range of cultural and individual signatures – South Africa is the rainbow nation and here and in our neighbouring countries we have so many different influences and styles to celebrate.

Professionalism - we look for artists who are reliable in their approach to their business, in their capacity to meet deadlines. We also recognise the integrity of their work and business practices.

Craft artists from CraftArt.Africa Online Shop


We develop a close working relationship of mutual trust with each artist. We mentor emerging artists and are often pro-actively involved in the development process of a new product, giving feedback and support. Our established artists also welcome input and feedback on new products.

One-off artworks

CraftArt.Africa showcases many one-off artworks and sculptures, as well as repeated designs. Our artists are happy to quote on special commissions through us, so get in touch if you want an original artwork created especially for you.

Meet the Artists

We are posting a "meet the artist" series of posts on Instagram and Facebook, so you can get to know the faces behind the beautiful works on CraftArt.Africa – in the meantime if there’s a piece you love, make sure to click on the artist’s name to see their bio.