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Coming Soon!

By Sue Heathcock

When we started building our online shop we were going to keep it small. Just the highlights of each artist, we thought, to provide a showcase and enable them to have a permanent sales outlet. But as we started putting up products and art pieces we kept adding to the initial selection. The truth is that our artists have so many beautiful, original and irresistible pieces that we couldn’t bear to leave anything out. We decided that we would never be finished… so please consider this Phase 1!

CraftArt.Africa truly is a work in progress. As fast as we complete the catalogue for one artist they develop new work, which of course we want to showcase. Phase 2 will bring more visual feasts to our pages, so keep coming back for another browse.

New artists coming soon will be Moreblessing Thole’s delicate bead jewellery, Mewa Maxwell Ngongang’s bags and purses in bright African textiles, Chantal Hurley’s recycled glass décor pieces, Kuda Gavi’s paintings of African animals, and Meschelle Beukes’ range of affordable costume jewellery for all ages.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please get in touch. One of our artists may already have just what you are looking for… or you can commission something especially for you.